1. How to add a promo code?

To add a promo code, click on the "Order" button in your cart. You will find a Promo Code field on the right side of your screen. You just need to add it there and click on the “Add” button..

2. When I add a promo code, the following message is displayed: "You must choose a carrier before being able to apply this discount voucher to your order"

It is possible that the promo code used is linked to a particular carrier. To do this, continue the ordering process until you choose the payment method. When you see the payment methods, you can add your promo code on the right side of the screen.

3. I live outside of France and the shipping costs are too high

Our transport solution negotiates the best rates with international carriers. However, it is possible that alternative carriers may be available. For that, do not hesitate to contact us and we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

4. No carrier is available

Our default carrier may not support your destination. However, we deliver worldwide. If no carrier is displayed, please contact us to receive a personalized quote.

5. No payment method is available

Our payment methods are linked to carriers and our default carrier may not support your destination. However, we deliver worldwide. If no payment method is displayed, please contact us to receive a personalized quote.

6. I want to order large quantities

Do you want to order large quantities and get a preferential rate? Nothing could be simpler, contact us with your request.

7. How many meters do I need?

Our team will be happy to help you and give you valuable advice on choosing the right mixture. For that, contact us by choosing "Advice" in the Subject of the contact form.

8. Do you send samples?

Of course ! To order samples, please follow the instructions on our page Samples.

9. Are the payments secure?

Our site is 100% secure and all payments are protected. To find out more, please consult our page Secure payment.

10. Can I open a professional or student account?

Absolutely! You will find all the information on this subject on our pages: Professional account and Student account.

11. I need a fabric out of stock

If the fabric you want is out of stock, you can add it to your alerts by clicking on the "Notify me when the product is available" button or contact us to learn more about a particular fabric.

12. Can I order by phone?

Of course ! Before that, please contact us via our contact form in order to schedule a phone call with the one of our advisers.

13. Can I order a color that is not on the site?

It is possible that our stock contains other colors, not available on our site. To find out more, contact us with your request.

14. Are you delivering America quickly?

Of course ! We ship worldwide, and our international carriers deliver America in few days.

15. I ordered a 5 meter piece of lace, can I exchange for another color?

If the piece is still complete and has not been cut to your specifications, it may be possible to exchange this part for another color. First of all, do not hesitate to contact us with your tomorrow.

16. I am a professional and I would like to use my own carrier, is this possible?

It is perfectly possible to receive your order with your own carrier. To do this, simply contact us contact us before your order so that we can activate this option on your order.

17. I live in Paris, can I be delivered in 24 hours?

Our offices being in Paris, do not hesitate to contact us the day before, in the event of an order urgent, in order to know if this is possible for your order.

18. I would like to order 100 meters of cotton, cut into 5 meter coupons; is it possible to cut them for me?

It is perfectly possible! To do this, simply contact us beforehand.

19. What are your delivery times?

We are proud to be the fastest textile site in France! We ship our packages Monday through Friday and your orders are prepared and shipped within 24 to 48 hours depending on the time the order is placed.

20. I did not receive any confirmation e-mail following my order, is this normal?

If you do not receive any e-mail following your registration on our site or following an order, it means that your supplier has probably placed our e-mails in your spam folder. Do not hesitate to consult it, especially if you have an e-mail address at Hotmail.

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